What are the advantages of coroplast boxes in agriculture?


In daily life, we often see all kinds of PP coroplast boxes, which are especially popular with agriculture. So what are the advantages of PP corrugated plastic boxes in agriculture?correx box for packaging vegetables

1.PP correx box is super light

The PP correx box has the advantages of light weight, stretch resistance. Some heavy fruits and vegetables are not easy to crush.

2.Coroplast boxes are very strong

The PP corrugated plastic box can be used normally, no matter how humid the environment is. The material is firm and will not be as fragile as a foam box.

3.The corrugated plastic box can be flexibly customized

Users can customize various colors and patterns on the surface of PP correx box. They can also print the relevant information of vegetables and fruits on it. So that customers can see at a glance.

coroplast boxes

4. Coroplast box is made of PP non-toxic and harmless material

 Due to the special material of the corrugated plastic box, it is more conducive to storing vegetables and fruits. So it effectively ensuring the freshness of vegetables and fruits. That making them not perishable.

5. The coroplast boxes can save space

The coroplast box has the characteristics of folding or stacking, and users can fold up when it is idle, saving storage space.

6. Use the correx boxes will make the enterprise more high-end

It can also customize the unique size according to the needs of customers, and can print the brand logo on the surface of the box to make the company look more professional.

7. Coroplast boxes are more environmentally friendly

The service life of the PP coroplast box is longer than that of the ordinary turnover box, and people can recycle and reuse it, which is more environmentally friendly and reduces costs.

8. Other

At present, the coroplast boxes have been applied by many large enterprises at home and abroad. It has obtained a number of utility model technologies, appearance patents, various quality standard certifications and European ROHS quality environmental certification.

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