Coroplast box(corrugated pp box) VS Cartons


Coroplast box(corrugated pp box) has become more and more popular because of increasing attention to environmental protection all over the world.

The coroplast sheet is a new type of material with the characteristics of lightweight, non-toxic, non-polluting, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, and rich colors. Consequently, The coroplast box made of coroplast sheet has many characteristics and is strong and durable.

At present, the most widely used packaging boxes on the market are the coroplast packaging boxes and the paper packing boxes. So let’s compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two, you can better understand the coroplast box(pp corrugated box).
corrugated pp box VS cartoon box

1. Corrugated plastic boxes are recyclable

If there are no special requirements for packaging, one-time shipments do not need to be recycled, generally, people choose paper packaging, and the price is relatively cheap.

Oppositely, if the customer has a preference for recyclable material, the advantages of the coroplast box will be fully reflected. The normal recycling frequency of cartons is 3-5 times, and the normal recycling frequency of the pp corrugated box is 30-50 times. The price of the coroplast box is only about 5 times of the carton, so the price is higher.

2. The coroplast box is waterproof and moisture-proof

The pp corrugated box is waterproof and moisture-proof. Therefore, in a humid and rainy environment, it can protect the products in the box from being damaged by moisture, and the coroplast box will not be affected by moisture. However, carton boxes can not do this. When they are exposed to water and dampness, the carton boxes will be deformed or damaged, which cannot effectively protect the products. In addition, the boxes will become moldy due to moisture and produce moths.
waterproof coroplast box

3. Correx box is strong and durable and won’t produce pollution.

The pp corrugated box is made of high-strength PP material, strong and durable, and will not generate debris due to friction with the product during transportation, thereby effectively protecting the product from pollution. This problem will occur in cardboard boxes, some products with a little weight rubbing with the box produce debris, causing product contamination and quality problems. Especially in the beverage bottle or daily chemical bottling industry.

4. Polypropylene corrugated box is easy to clean.

The coroplast box is easy to clean. When there are dirt or water stains on the box, it is easy to clean off. Carton boxes cannot do this.

5. Colors of boxes

The polypropylene corrugated box has various colors and can be customized, and it can be realized by adding color masterbatch. The carton can also be done, the process is complicated, and the cost also is high, so the cartons are not cost-effective.

6. Special properties

Our company can customize boxes with special properties such as anti-static, conductive, anti-UV, and flame retardants to meet the packaging requirements of customers. Cartons cannot do this.

7. The pp corrugated box can be added with Velcro on the box body, accordingly, reduce the use of sealing tape and facilitate the operation of the workers on site.

8. Boxes made of corrugated pp sheets look more high-end.

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