What is the material of corflute tree guards?


Corflute tree guards are an affordable option for protecting young tree trunks from deer, rabbits, voles, and other animals. They are usually set about 2 inches below the soil surface and between 2 and 5 feet in height. Taller plastic sapling protectors help protect the trunk from deer eating the bark and antlers rubbing against the bark. Corflute guards can be kept for 1-2 years until the seedlings are grown and the trunk cannot be accommodated.

What is the material of huiyuan corflute plant guards?

Usually people choose lightweight PP hollow board to make Corflute tree guards.The material of these boards is non-toxic and environmentally friendly polypropylene. By adding pigment particles to polypropylene you can get the color you like. Therefore, many manufacturers will choose this material as a raw material to develop new products. For example, corflute guards are one of them.

Features of Polypropylene

  • Corrosion Resistant: Corrosion Resistant: This material is corrosion resistant. No need to worry about damage from oxidation and other chemical reactions. This makes it an excellent choice for a variety of large structures.
  • Environmentally friendly: One of the best reasons to use polypropylene for large plastic structures is because of its environmental friendliness. It makes sense to use rather eco-friendly material.
  • Impact Resistance: One of the biggest benefits of this material is that it is impact resistant. This makes it an excellent choice for items such as ships and large containers.
  • Easy to clean: Another great advantage of PP (polypropylene) is that it is easy to clean. No need for a ton of cleaning products, simple soap and water can refresh your products.

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Advantages of Huiyuan corflute tree guards

  1. Not only good quality but also cheap and low cost.
  2. Long service life, no weathering, good weather resistance.
  3. Polypropylene plastic sapling protectors are simple to make and easy to install.
  4. Acid and alkali resistance, good anti-corrosion effect.
  5. Waterproof and moistureproof, people can use it outdoors for a long time.
  6. Smooth surface, easy to print. Huiyuan can print the content according to your needs.
  7. Professional places can recycle discarded plastic tree guards, saving resources.
  8. Huiyuan can customize corflute plant guards in various sizes and colors for you.

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