What is collapsible plastic pallet box?


Collapsible Plastic Pallet Box is a durable, lightweight alternative to one-piece molded plastic bulk containers. The Recyclable foldable pallet boxes with pallet and lid are intelligent space-saving units.

Folding Plastic Pallet Boxes are comprised of 3 parts – Lid, Sleeve, and Pallet – designed to store and transport loads of up to 500 Kgs. The blowing molded Lid and Pallet deliver high strength and load carrying capacity without increasing the weight of the packaging.

Durable, reusable bottom pallet and top lid have a ten-year life expectancy. Sleeve pack containers have a top pallet design that allows for maximized cube utilization in trailers. Sleeves extend to the floor to provide secure top-to-bottom compression.

Advantages of collapsible plastic pallet box


When using a foldable pallet box, don’t worry about your product getting wet and causing your loss. It protects your product well even in rainy weather.


Our products come with the option of a UV light protection layer. This layer extends the lifespan of both the plastic gaylord box and the logos printed on them.


Flexibility is important to us. If you need printing, we will provide you with corona-treated products so that the printed pattern will last longer.


We can print your desired LOGO or text. Do you have a design in mind? Let us know and we will implement your ideas.


Our folding plastic pallet boxes are available in any puncture resistance grade. Simply let us know the puncture resistance level you need and we’ll manufacture the sheets for you.


Upon request, we can create your products out of 100% virgin polypropylene. We are also able to manufacture sheets out of up to 20% internally recycled polypropylene.

collapsible plastic pallet box

Specification of foldable pallet boxes


Choose any color you want. Simply send us your preference and we’ll provide your product in the right color.


We measure the weight of our products in grams per square meter. Again, we are flexible here, but the higher your gram per square meter (GSM) is, the stronger and solid the material will be.


Our plastic gaylord box products can be manufactured to any thicknesses between 2and 20mm. Don’t worry. We’ll help you decide which thickness is best for your needs.


Standard sizes are 1150x985x1000, 1200x1000x1000, 1470x1140x1000 (unit: mm). Other sizes require a mold opening fee, but the height can be customized according to your needs.


The material of folding plastic pallet boxes is HDPE+PP. Very environmentally friendly and economical.

Good collapsible plastic pallet box suppliers

Both Polyflue® and Huiyuan® are very good collapsible plastic pallet box manufacturers in China. Specializing in export business and has a very professional R&D team.

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