Are folding corrugated plastic box expensive?


Folding corrugated plastic box


At present, my country’s manufacturing and industry have been developed to a great extent, and the technology of various industries has also been improved. In particular, the automobile industry is developing very rapidly. When walking on the street, there are countless private cars, especially during holidays. The situation is very congested wherever you go on the highway. Do you know that cars need to be assembled through many parts? Before these parts are assembled, a relatively time-consuming transportation process is required. In this process, the integrity of the parts needs to be guaranteed. Therefore, hollow boxes are currently widely used as packaging boxes for parts. So how much does a folding hollow box cost?

1. The price of folding hollow board boxes is set differently due to the different thickness of the board and the size of the box. The hollow board boxes we usually see are a few cents for a smaller one and 8 or 9 yuan for a large one. Therefore, when purchasing, you should visit several manufacturers with certificates of conformity. On the one hand, you should compare the quality of the hollow board, and on the other hand, you should also compare the prices. Through strict screening, you can choose manufacturers with better quality and suitable prices to purchase.

2. Here I would like to remind everyone that because the demand for hollow panels in the market has always been great, some small manufacturers will also produce hollow panels. The price of such hollow panels may be cheaper, so when purchasing, you can choose the appropriate panels according to your own situation.

Factors affecting the price of folding hollow board boxes
Material: Folding hollow board boxes are mainly made of plastic materials such as PP (polypropylene). Different materials have different costs and performances, so the prices will also vary.
Size: The size of the box directly affects its manufacturing cost and purpose. Large-sized boxes are usually more expensive.
Quality: The quality of the box includes its load-bearing capacity, durability, waterproof and moisture-proof performance, etc. High-quality products are often more expensive.
Brand: Products from well-known brands are often more expensive because they may have better quality assurance and after-sales service.
Market supply: The market supply and demand relationship will also affect the price of folding hollow board boxes. When the supply is tight, the price may rise.

The price of foldable hollow board boxes varies due to many factors, and it is impossible to generalize whether the price is expensive or not. Buyers should make comprehensive considerations based on their needs and budget when choosing, and choose products with high cost performance. At the same time, you can also make a more informed purchase decision by comparing the prices of products of different brands and specifications.


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