Pp Corrugated Sheets

01 Pp Corrugated Sheets

Pp corrugated sheets are economical impact-resistant durable and printable plastic boards with hollow structure. It is also known as plastic hollow board, danpla sheet, coroflute board, coroplast sheet, correx sheet, polyflute, corriboard, cartonplast,etc. These corrugated polypropylene sheets are durable for both indoor and outdoor applications, as they are UV and moisture resistant. 

Features of coroplast sheets: waterproof, lightweight, recyclable, reusable, rich colors, printable, impact-resistant, durable, customizable, etc.
Can be customized with special functions: ESD/Anti-static, conductive, flame rated/fireproof, corona treated, UV-resistant, etc.

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    Applications of coroplast sheets:

    1. Express delivery industry: In order to save paper resources and protect the environment, more and more logistics companies choose express boxes made of corrugated pp sheets, thereby reducing packaging costs.
    2. Agriculture: Vegetable and fruit boxes made of correx sheets have a good preservation effect on the products.
    3. Advertising industry: The PP hollow plastic sheet has a smooth surface, rich colors and flexible cutting, which is especially popular in the advertising industry.
    4. Hardware industry: The corflute boards can be designed as a box with dividers, which is very suitable for storing hardware products of different sizes.
    5. Electronics industry: Coroplast boards with antistatic particles can increase the pass rate of electronic products, so corrugated plastic products can be seen everywhere in the electronics industry.
    6. Pharmaceutical industry: The hygienic requirements of the cartonplast fully comply with the standards of the pharmaceutical industry.
    7. Decoration: The polyflute sheets can be used as a protective board for the ground and wall to prevent the ground or wall from being soiled or damaged.
    8. Catering industry: Polypropylene hollow boards can be used as canned or glass bottled food layer pads, effectively avoiding collision and friction between products.
    9. Pet industry: The corrugated plastic sheet can be made into a pet house, which is very breathable and refreshing.

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    Advantages of corrugated pp sheets:

    1. The PP hollow sheet has anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and mildew-proof functions, and can be used repeatedly and recycled.
    2. It also has the characteristics of bending resistance, aging resistance, stretchability and compression, so it has a wide range of applications.
    3. Corrugated plastic sheet can be customized into various colors, shapes and sizes.
    4. The cartonplast sheet is made of non-toxic and tasteless PP polypropylene, which has no harm to the environment and the products used.
    5. The material of the correx sheet is very light and handy, which is convenient for customers to transport and move.
    6. It is very durable, it has the characteristics of impact resistance and abrasion resistance, but it can be used repeatedly for 5 years or more.
    7. It can be made into antistatic, flame retardant and UV resistant by adding auxiliary materials.

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