Corrugated Plastic Storage Bins


Introduction of corrugated plastic storage bins

Corrugated plastic storage bins(also known as corrugated plastic boxes/bins/container/totes/cases, coroplast/correx/corflute boxes) are reusable transport packaging products, becoming more and more popular in the packaging field, ideal for businesses in any industry. 

The structure of the corrugated plastic packaging box is similar to that of the ordinary cardboard box, but due to its advantages of waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-friction and anti-oxidation, it is more durable than the ordinary carton, but still as light as the cardboard box. In consequence, corrugated plastic boxes are more economical in the long run.

We offer various corrugated plastic bins:

We can customize all kinds of coroplast boxes according to customers’ requirements, including size, color, loading capacity, printing, design, etc.

The boxes below are part of our products and are for reference only. We can also customize boxes for you.

(1)Corrugated pp boxes for fruits,vegetables, seafood, meat, and so on.
(2)Correx picking boxes for warehouse

View more corflute picking bins here!

(3)ESD corrugated plastic boxes
(4)Coroplast recycling bins
(5)Corrugated plastic totes
(6)Other custom corrugated plastic boxes

Features of corrugated pp storage bins

1. Any size or style – corrugated plastic is easy to customize and a low-cost alternative to custom injection molded containers.

2. Colors and printing to keep your brand consistent.

3. Enhanced plastic sheeting gauges, rivets, and plastic welding that can provide incredible load capacities

4. Edges that can be left open or sealed depending on your processing needs

5. Additional features such as ergonomic handles, lids, access doors, drainage holes, interlocking sidewalls, and wire reinforcements make handling the storage containers more comfortable and protect the products inside the box.

Video of some pp corrugated boxes

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